Pre-school Program

The FMA Preschool program is for children aged 36 months to 6 years. The children at this age are fully potty trained, very inquisitive, and are ready to learn. The focus of this program to develop the Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Practical Life and Cultural education that they have been exposed to in the Transition rooms. The children stay focused for longer periods at certain task or concept. The teacher will ensure the curriculum is more closely followed since some children may tend to stay on a particular concept or subject for a longer time. This is the age where your child will master reading and writing skills.

The Montessori Environment has a full range of materials that will teach children concepts from age's three to five all the way to Kindergarten. The tables and chairs are a taller and floor mats longer. There is a curriculum and structure for preschool children, but freedom within that structure. The daily schedule established in this class is remarkably like the Transition Class. Most of the morning time is spent on Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Practical Life and Cultural subjects. Younger children in the Pre-School classroom nap in the nap room while older children have a 45-minute nap and then continue with Montessori Classes. The children have Music or Yoga class as part of their curriculum in the mornings.

The children are allowed free time to play either indoors or outdoors. Towards the later part of the afternoon, the children can explore their interests or listen to stories during circle time The ratio of children to teacher is 15 to one. The child's daily activities are recorded by the teacher. Food/Snacks are given to the child as per the routine established in the school and in consultation with the parents. Each child has his or her own sleeping area.
Daily Schedule is posted outside classroom

Transition Program

Montessori education for ages 18 months to 3 years. Focus on building their attention span and fine motor skills

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After-School Program

Provide enrichment programs & organized physical activity for elementary School children and take children to swim and gym classes

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Extra-Curricular Activities

The extracurricular activities usually offered are Ballet, Art, Swim and Gymnastics.

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Summer Programs

Whiz Kidz Summer Programs provides children with fun filled entertainment and education-based enrichment activities for the age group of 5 to 11 years

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